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Ways to Make Your Bed Feel Like You’re Sleeping In A Cloud

girl and her dog in the bed.

There is nothing more comforting than coming home to a warm, cozy bed. Just the thought can get you through the worst of days. Need a little help transforming your bed into a dream-inducing haven? Check out our tips on ways to make your bed feel like you’re sleeping in a cloud.


This is one of the most critical tips for creating the perfect bed. Invest in good quality sheets and pillowcases that are soft and cool for that extra 5-star hotel-like luxurious feel. Change them frequently and store with scented sachets for an ever-fresh scent.


Give your bed an added layer of comfort and support with a padded or memory foam mattress topper. You might also try a quilted, fluffy mattress cover.


Keep the climate in mind when choosing a comforter. Heavy, super fluffy comforters are more appropriate for cold seasons while lighter alternatives work best in hot weather. All season comforters are also available to use throughout the year.


Use heated blankets for extra warmth and coziness during chilly months.


A comfortable head cradle is essential when creating a cloud-like bed. Foam and ventilated pillows are perfect examples of comfy pillows. There are also therapeutic alternatives for a variety of aching problems. Spritz them with pillow spray to aid with restful sleep.


Always follow the laundering instructions on your bedding to maintain their quality after every wash. You can opt for air-drying instead of the drier to prevent shrinking. Use fabric softener while laundering for that extra freshness factor, but again read the instructions because they’re not suitable for all fabrics.


Adding faux fur throws adds an exquisite Hollywood glam feel to any bed. They are stylish and very cozy to snuggle up to. Don’t be afraid to express your personality with different colors.


Mom was right. No one wants to come home to a rumpled bed. It’s not welcoming and doesn’t motivate you to want to sleep. Make an effort to tidy up the bed daily before you leave the house. Your future sleepy self will thank you for it.


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