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Small Spaces, Big Cheer: Holiday Decorating Tips for Apartments & Condos


There’s nothing quite as special as the warm glow of holiday lights and the sweet scents of pine, spices, and a crackling fire this time of year. While the holidays are all about bringing loved ones together, the decor that surrounds the season understandably helps to solidify the mood and those memories. But, we know some may be challenged to re-create the Hallmark level of holiday decor we so often see in the Christmas specials. We don’t all have the space for enormous trees and extra fluffy garland. So, how do you bring that holly jolly spirit into your small spaces? We’ve got some decorating tips to help you out.  So, let’s deck those halls (or bachelor apartments), shall we?

1. Dress your windows

Garland, window clings, lights, they’re all a great way to frame smaller rooms and bring a beautiful ambience to your space—inside and out. 

2. Deck your halls and your walls

The walls are a great space to decorate, without feeling like you’re adding clutter to your space. Holiday tapestries and wreaths are a simple go to. Or, swap out your regular artwork for some more festive pieces.

3. Make it mini

Struggling for space? Just size down. Skinny Christmas trees, or table top versions all can be decorated! Any traditional decor can be downsized, really. Wreaths, stockings, snow globes. Opt for pieces that fit your space. 

4. All the lights

What better way to bring that holiday glow than with twinkle lights galore. Line your walls, string your mantle, run them along the tops of kitchen cabinets. These are a great way to surround your space without adding “stuff”. 

5. Shelf-scapes

Mantles, bookshelves, any open shelves, focus your decor there, and be as maximal or minimal as you please. Focusing your decor here means you can move away from larger pieces that may take up more square footage. 

6. Bring the decor into all the spaces

Your bedroom and bathroom can all be decorated. The decor doesn’t need to be focused only in the main spaces. By spreading your decorations, you can be a bit more sparing with the holiday cheer, but have the whole home feel more cohesive. 

7. Decorate the door

What nicer way to enter your home than being met first with some holiday cheer? Using a wreath, door mat, and some garland or lights around the door frame, you can set the tone with the first few steps of entering the home. 

8. Stick to a theme

Because it’s a small space, things can feel more cluttered if there are multiple design themes happening at the same time. Keep your holiday look focused by employing a single colour theme or style. Lighter colours for example are good at making a space feel larger, like white and gold or white and silver. 

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