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12 DIY Stock Tank Pools to Copycat

DIY Stock Tank Pools to Copycat |

Featured ‘grams by @heresthekeys and @arrowsandawe. Thanks gals!

We are all for living your best life in a pool in your backyard, but if you can’t swing the hefty price or if you don’t have the space, a DIY stock tank pool is an amazing alternative. We’re not talking about plastic blow-up pools – stock tanks (yes, those huge metal containers that help hydrate horses and cows on farms) can easily be transformed into beautiful, chlorinated pools.

Those in the know have really gotten clever in the designs of their DIY stock tank pools, painting them in vibrant colors and even building decks around them. Need proof? Check out our favorites below we’ve rounded up on Instagram. Psst – they’ve all been featured on @StockTankPool. Speaking of, when you’re ready to get your own, Stock Tank Pool Authority offers various sizes. You may also be able to find one at your local Tractor Supply Co. Just be sure to call first as they are picking up in popularity!

1. Tropical Flavor Via @StockTankPool

This is our favorite DIY stock tank pool the gals at Stock Tank Pool Authority have done. If you’re in Texas or Nashville, they deliver. And for an extra $$, they’ll even set it up for you, or you can purchase their DIY Stock Tank Pool Guide!

2. Cool Patterns Via @HeresTheKeys

The chairs, the cushions, the swimsuit! We’re looooving the black and white color combo and mix of patterns.


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3. Black Rocks & Pavers Via @ArrowsAndAwe

Modern pavers and black rocks make this one tops for us. (The pink hat, cute suit and fun float sure do help too!) Swipe to see the amazing before & after!


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4. Small but Mighty Via @BarefootBrunetteLifestyle

The lounge chairs, the umbrella, the privacy fence! What’s not to love about this stylish outdoor paradise?

5. Cabana Vibes Via @ConstantWail

The cabana is so chic and we love the outdoor seating, but the actual pool-like handrails are our favorite design touch.


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6. Pretty in Pink Via @HunterPremo

Give your stock tank pool a softer, more feminine look with wide pink stripes.


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7. No Diving Via @HannahCat10

Ugh, we LOVE the cute “No Diving” sign imprinted on the bottom of this stock tank pool. Swipe through to see!

8. Cool Deck via @MrsMamaBritt

Build a deck and steps around your pool for an extra dose of design. We love the white paint too!


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9.In-Ground Pool via @Home_Made_Montowese

Or bury your pool in the ground and set up some lounge chairs (and a cute dog) around it.


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10.Wooden Accents Via @Sro2231

We love paint on a stock tank pool but this wooden accent is so gorgeous.


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11. Summer Shade Via @WereTheJoneses

Consider also DIYing a covered deck for some extra shade while you float!

12. Tiny Tank Via @StockTankPool

Turn a tiny tank into a little oasis built for one or two! You can buy this mud cloth stencil on Stock Tank Authority’s website. They perfected the hot tub version too!

You’ll probably need to dry off when you’re out of the pool. Check out these Cute Beach Towels from Nordstrom!

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