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Best Wine Accessories for National Wine Day

Best Wine Accessories for National Drink Wine Day |

Disclosure: Our picks below for best wine accessories contain affiliate links, which means we’ll receive a commission if you click on a link. We hope you like these gifting ideas – click the titles to shop!

When it comes to gifting, the wine lovers in your life have it made in the shade. ICYMI: there’s never an inappropriate holiday to give someone a wine-related token of your appreciation! So for National Wine Day, let’s treat the winos in our lives to something really good. Keep scrolling for the best wine accessories that pair VERY well with your/their bottle of choice.

1. GOODEE x Graf Lantz Wine-O Wine Glass Markers, $56

These colorful felt rounds will help your vaccinated dinner guests keep track of their stems so all sips are accounted for.

2. RIEDEL Swirl Set of 2 Stemless Wine Glasses, $33

There’s a strong chance that your beloved wino already has quite a bit of stemware. But this glass is actually designed to release red wine’s aromas and balance the tannins with every swirl.

3. LSA Wine Carafe & Cheese Board Set, $75

Cheese and wine are practically BFFs, so we couldn’t curate a list of the best wine accessories and NOT mention fromage. Your only issue will be deciding what to pair together on this smooth oak!

4. Corkcicle Stemless Insulated Wine Glass, $27.95

For those times where you or a friend would like to enjoy backyard wine (orrr maybe a secret glass), this unicorn-inspired Corkcicle will keep vino at the correct temperature.

5. Bon Appétit Natty Wine Tote, $60

We’re pretty much head over heels over every item in the BA online store, but this tote just so happens to be the perfect gift for the natty wine lover. Scoop one before they’re sold out again!

6. Wine Simple Book, $32.50

Want to learn more about your favorite drink? Sommelier Aldo Sohm’s debut book is full of confidence-building infographics and illustrations, an unbeatable depth of knowledge, effusive encouragement, and strong opinions on wine so you can learn to form your own.

7. Mepra Outdoor Italian Party Plates With Stemware Holder (Set of 2), $92-100

Whether you or your gift recipient is gearing up for distant get-togethers or always on the hunt for fun party dining accessories, we’re pretty sure these plates should be at the top of the list!

8. Mayfair Wall-Mounted Wine Glass Shelf, $158 $142.40

Every wine lover knows that it’s all about presentation! This eye-catching storage shelf is the perfect way to show off that stemware and display some prized bottles.

9. BAGGU Reusable Wine Bag Set, $28

Best Wine Accessories for National Drink Wine Day |

PSA: Sometimes our wine bottles would like a cute outfit, too. And just like the regular-sized Baggus, there are plenty of fun pairings (pun intended) to pick from!

Wine serves many purposes, but it can also contribute to a pretty good decor moment! Speaking of, be sure to check out these shelfie moments on Instagram that we’re double-tapping! (Don’t forget to follow us, too!)

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